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Taratata was created in Normandy, France in 1986 by Helen, Phillipe and Bernard. Their common taste of originality and creativity gave birth to this unusual and unique jewellery design.

They mixed materials and colours to create two innovative collections per year. Thanks to its fame and savoir-faire, you can now find Taratata all over the world.

If you are visiting Paris, go and say boujour to the Taratata team at their showroom, 1 Rue de Crussol in the 11th Arrondissement.


Danon is an Israeli range which was established in 1975 as a small workshop, lovingly creating timeless jewellery.

Through the years Danon has grown and developed into a company creating superb jewellery in Israel and throughout the world.

Danon’s exquisite line of jewellery is created by a group of top designers. Each piece is as fashionable as it is unique and is created by the exceptional marriage of the most innovative technology, time-honored craftsmanship and loving attention to each precious creation.


Nature bijoux

Nature bijoux is an eco-friendly fashion line, featuring a wide range of designs, from contemporary to exotic, from trendy to dressy, all made with integrity, using 100% natural components, recycled, and worked in strict accordance with the Washington convention and the US Lacey Act.

Nature bijoux is Jean Daniel Christin’s concept. In addition to being an inspired designer, he is a component expert: he travels the world to find the right bead, the perfect seed, the stone with unusual effect, a singular colour.

Nature bijoux jewellery is literally the fruit of amazingly skilled artists and artisans. No two pieces are alike as each style is handcrafted from raw material.

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